5 Reasons You Should Be An Accountant

Each blank space corresponds to a single word.
In this video going to give
five reasons to an .

Hey there, back to the !

I'm James, this is Stuff
today I'm give you

five reasons to an accountant.
Maybe you're doing

accounting as a ,
or perhaps you've been the

a now you're
Geez accounting, big .

Why I decide to this in the place?
Whichever it let me know

in the comments.
I'd like to hear story.

I've been in the for
about seven years , maybe a bit

and during this I've had the
to work on

of the fence.
In public accounting as an

at big four,
and the

a financial accountant.
all of these that I'm

about give you are from
my own experience.

There’s going be no particular
to these except the last one

my favourite.
Let's right in!

Reason one.
Accounting is stable industry.

Here's I see it…
like to picture economy as

an ocean’s tides sweeping over
a .

There are tides and low ,
booms and busts,

flowing in and over the rocks the shoreline.
Tides temporary.

They're constantly over time.
But the are permanent.

They don't budge.
They hold their and

observe the waves around them.
If oceans tides represent the

then the are accountants
because will always

need .
For every ripple disturbs

an ocean’s ,
every time a takes place,

need accountants to
, process and summarise

transactions into financial .
The need for is constant.

No whether we're in boom or a
Accountants are rocks.

, reason number two.
will teach you

become financially literate.
literacy is the of

educating yourself being able to
your money, personal and

investments, efficiently effectively.
I've mentioned before and I

it up again , because I believe
Financial Literacy is of the most

skills that you learn in life.
teaches you to and save,

the of interest
and meaning of all the different

financial .
The sooner that can understand all

these the better.
wish that I'd

Financially Literate ages .
Like when I 16, or something.

if I had,
my finances would in a much

shape today.
Thankfully ,

accounting taught me become
Financially Literate,

it can help too.
If you'd to learn more,

I've made a whole covering
Accounting Basics you can

find here.
And I adding to it week.

So don't to hit the button
and ring bell to be

when the next one's out.
Right, reason 3.

And I've debating whether to
this one or , because I'm sure

some of you going to disagree me.
But anyway, is interesting.

See didn't even blink I said that!
up, before you stuck in with

comments, let me .
Accounting gets a rep from a of

people for a ‘boring’ profession.
the way I it

it all down to your
and how you your work.

You two options.
Option .

Rinse and repeat.
accounting, repetitive monthly

are common and are
often put a situation where can

take last month's workbook.
Wipe it and roll it

into the current .
Again and again.

and repeat.
This makes life easy.

in the short
it’s efficient.

You’ll through your to-do
as quickly as .

But once you've this process
over over it becomes

and boring.
Work doesn't you .

It's become a grind.
2 is where go the extra .

Challenge yourself to beyond
your managers your expectations.

by that I don't mean
at desk,

working late
everyone else in team has gone .

I mean working intention.
So when next faced with task

that you've a gazillion times .
Give yourself some to

pause and .
Look for the kinks in the system.

about this process is ,
and how you streamline it?

Don't get me .
the short term approach

is hard .
And it can time-consuming.

But in long run,
that's it'll reap the .

Because if you your time and
now to make process quicker in

future, then work start to feel
lot more rewarding.

Your boss notice your efforts .

It will separate from the crowd,
earn you recognition.

perhaps … a .
That'd be nice.

it doesn’t,
if you've gone all of this ,

and boss doesn't even or care.
Then !

Or at least your options.
We in one of most

stable industries the world.
Which me on to number four.

Accounting an industry offers a
wealth of and flexibility.

There so many different of
accounting that can pick from

match the lifestyle you want to .
If you're looking climb the ladder

quickly as possible
consider working in .

But if you working the 9 5
and a with a bit stress

then an is to work
private accounting at non-listed company

that doesn't have all of
extra compliance .

a few years some experience
you choose to work yourself.

Go it and create your
private practice.

Lots people do this.
It's hard , but you manage to

a profitable business it
will be rewarding journey.

Working accounting will open
for you and you valuable

transferable you can make
of in whichever path you

choose follow.
Ok reason 5.

My personal and bear
with because this might

You can accounting as a

platform that enables to take risks.
do I mean that?

Here's my .
Many people, myself

are drawn to because of the
that it offers.

are rocks after .
As a career offers job security

that prospect can very enticing.
Perhaps enticing,

because playing safe
can become habit.

Which is ,
everyone's entitled to

their own choices.
personally I feel I've learned

the from some of
riskier decisions in life.

Five years ,
I left my job at the

four in London
move to Australia.

was a new ,
I had no lined up

and didn't know many there.
By my it was a

And do regret it?

Well, it was madness!

I'm I made that .

It was scary first,
but eventually got a job

a place to
and ended up there

for three .
I have a time

making risky .
But accounting is safety net.

As industry there's always for it.
So can feel confident finding work

again things end up pear-shaped.
Moving to to start this

is another risk I'm dealing with

Whether this a wise decision
to be seen.

will tell.
But experience so far

been incredibly valuable.
had the opportunity chat

and meet so many
interesting through YouTube.

And don't regret this one bit.
So you're working in ,

or thinking about .
Are there any decisions that

you've hesitating on?
Maybe can be the

that encourages you take the first .
Powerful stuff on channel today,

if you'd like to more about
accounting then out this here.

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