A Computing glossary 1-10
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The identification of a physical or virtual distinct entity in a network. On the Internet, this network address is called a URL (Uniform Resource Locator). For instance: http://www.gsh.org. [It is important to type these accurately.]
An open source Web server package, mostly used on Linux and Solaris platforms.
An email message that is sent automatically in response to a message to another email address. Also known as Autobot or Infobot.
The Central network infrastructure of the Internet is often referred to as the backbone and its allows data to travel from one network to another.
Active Server Pages - a scripting language created by Microsoft for dynamically created web pages and database functions. Web pages created with ASP usually have an .asp suffix.
An organisation that provides access to the Internet. Also known as Internet Service Provider (ISP)
A self-contained mini-executable program, such as one written in the Java programming language. It connects with or is designed to work with a larger 'partner' program.
American Standard Code for Information Interchange. A standard for digital representation of letters, numbers, and control codes; understood by most computers.
A binary file (such as a document, spreadsheet, or graphic) which is delivered as part of an email message. [NB - some mailing systems will not accept them.]
A publicly available Internet file site. Users must sign on as anonymous and enter their email address to connect to an anonymous ftp site.