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rastafari - 25 questions

Click the picture above to find the answer to the following questions :

If you find some questions too difficult, read this article in French from Wikipedia about Rastafari.

Name or names, you may work in pairs.

1. What is the name of Bob's first big hit?

2. What did Bob die from?

3. What happened on 21 April 1966?

4. What were the names of Bob Marley's mother and father?

5. Describe Bob’s father.

6. What was the problem with Bob's father marrying Bob's mother?

7. Who instructed Bob Marley on the Rastafarian faith?

8. Who was Marcus Garvey?

9. Where does the word Rastafari come from?

10. Who was Menelik and what was his role?

11. Explain where Jamaica is located.

12. What was Jamaica's role in the 17th century?

13. What was Marcus Garvey's aim in the 1920s?

14. What was a maroon?

15. Who were the original habitants of Jamaica?

16. Who later discovered Jamaica and when?

17. What was Jamaica's role in the 18th century?

18. Where does the habit of smoking ganja originate from?

19. What role did Bob Marley play Jamaica politics in the 1970s?

20. Is it possible to visit Bob Marley's birthplace and how?

21. Explain a few characteristics of Nine Mile.

22. What does the word Ital mean? Could you give an equivalent?

23. What was the name of Bob's first recorded song?

24. Why is, according to the Rastafarian faith, the Holy Piby closer to the truth than the Bible?

25. Why was Haile Selassie chosen as the saviour?