DJI Mavic.

Download and save the video by right-clicking on this link, then open it using VLC video player.

Each blank space corresponds to a word or a number, fill them all in by watching and listening carefully to the video.
It may sound .

But you can this too.

All it.

It's easy.

do we know?

we've made it .

At DJI, we the flying camera you know it.

there is a chance that the videos you've seen were shot with of our cameras.

time we started .

So you big.

We created first personal drone, we're still squeezing big power.

It follows you or you want, without bracelet or tracker, obstacles, and comes with a 4K camera, 27-minute flight and a whole more.

This is DJI Mavic pro, this DJI Mavic unfolded.

To make this small, we to rip out ton of cool , right?


It's 24 high performing cores.

Dual-satellite connectivity.

all new transmission , with a 4.3 range,

4 visions and more.

Sound ?

It’s not. It’s .

The Mavic knows it takes off , where it is the air, where going, and what capturing. When you off, the Mavic true vision sensors, connects with up 20 satellites, all as to remember location.

This means Mavic knows where "" is, so it can return by itself.

landing technology means can land almost where you took at the touch a button.

As fly, satellite systems track of you in harmony with 4 vision sensors.

you what's below what's in front.

you are flying a cliff, in forest, or even .

Just like you, sees and thinks.

means it can the things in path, from trees, walls.

Any good camera needs stabilization.

Mavic's expertly miniaturized , keeps the entire steady.

Unlike electronic , you use every from the sensor, you don't have weight of a add on camera.

an epic tracking of a friend easy.

ActiveTrack technology it just takes few taps.

Not one kind of shot either.

It's Spotlight,


and .

Or use TapFly

tap... and fly.

Follow mode keeps Mavic at a you define, as ground rises, so can focus on shot, not your .

Everything can be using a game-pad controller, you can in your pocket.

opens up to around your phone, has been custom to give you feedback, and more .

You will always in control.

If don't want to with the controller, using virtual joysticks, from your phone, Wi-Fi.

Whether you with the remote , or just your , ActiveTrack Modes are to make you like a pro.

to be on ? Not behind it? just takes a and a gesture.

there is the DJI Goggle.

Strap on to really like you're flying.

them with Sport-Mode, get your pulse , while you fly an incredible 40mph.

you've got your , edit everything together DJI Go and , or even stream flight live to or YouTube.

Inspiration strike from the thing.

A sketch, feeling, an experience.

Mavic has been for you to it anywhere.

Ready a moment's notice, inspiration strikes you create something truly .

DJI Mavic.

Wherever go.